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Instagram roundup of the stuff I drew at SDCC. I did not get to see all my friends, which was a bummer, but it was nice to see the friends I did. Maybe next year we’ll manage to get a booth and make life easier for e’rrbody.

Speaking of, would y’all be interested in seeing some fanart/write-ups of of my favorite comics from SDCC? I got my hands on some incredible work that I’m really excited about.


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Why sugarcoat it? Sugar and Spice need YOUR help!

They’ve been training and preparing for the grand battle ahead of them but the gangs of Palm City are major assholes and any help they can get would be awesome! 

So how can you —a flesh and blood human being living in the real world— help two fictional comic book characters kick so much ass that it’s ridiculous?

Help us out by signal boosting the everloving hell out of this! Follow us on Tumblr, reblog or just tell a friend who you think might be interested in these kinds of shenanigans. 

We’re only 8 DAYS away from Sugar and Spice vs. Everything Nice so spread the word as soon as you can. You’ll be doing us a real solid!

And in return, we’ll give you heaping helpings of awesome webcomic goodness— all for free! It all begins on August 5th! If you’re not there, we’ll assume you were eaten by wolves and will avenge your death accordingly.

Sugar and Spice vs. Everything Nice on Tumblr

Kris Moore (writer) on Tumblr

Brandon Williams (artist) on Tumblr

I’m so excited to finally unleash this onto the world! Help me promote and get the word out, cuz Palm City is about to EXPLODE. 

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